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Who we are

Founded in 1983, Al Sahraa Group has grown into one of the UAE’s largest and leading companies in road transportation field with its big fleet and abilities being the official carrier for several important government entities in UAE.

As a group of national companies, Al Sahraa Group has been one of the first companies, which have contributed to the UAE economic growth and tended to boost the country’s economy by expanding into different activities including infrastructure and general contracting.


Support the development process and contribute to the process of sustainable development with the highest standards.


High quality services are offered in the time consumed with the lowest prices in presence of the citizen element.

Our Objectives

  • Provide all possibilities to advance Emaratization in the private sector implementing ABSHER initiative.
  • Raise the level of work efficiency and the promotion of health, safety and environment.
  • Provide high standards of variety services.
  • Continuous action to improve the quality of service and ensure standard performance.
  • Maintain the quality of technical support and measure quick response.
  • Continuous research and development to keep up technology in the best level.

National Contributions

We have risen to the occasion of natural disasters and emergencies like multiple car accidents at Ghantoot, and Hurricane Gonu, which hit the East coast of the country. Our co-operation and timely assistance helped us reduce the potential damage and suffering caused.