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Recruitment & Manpower Services

We provide Human resources to our clients to meet their needs through a specialized team which selects persons according to their qualifications and required conditions. We procure all human resources and areas of specialty required by firms and organizations including without limitation engineers, technicians, workers, foremen, drivers, and security guards.

1. In the month of July 2015, we have conducted a recruitment campaign in Kerala, India in association with MOFA ,Indian embassy and Government of Kerala. We have recruited 115 professional nurses for the Ministry of Health in this Campaign. Those nurses are currently working in the ministry through al sahraa recruitment services.


  • 1. Successfully completed the recruitment on time in association with government of Kerala
  • 2. The MOH RN license exam conducted in Kerala first time in the history
  • 3. Received the appreciations from the government of Kerala in the press conference for support their mission

2. In the month of February 2016, we have conducted a recruitment campaign in Nepal for the Group of companies. We have selected more than 300 candidates for the group of companies including Drivers and operators, Construction workers, Factory workers etc.

3. In the month of March 2016, We have recruited 300 employees under Al Sahraa recruitment services for the new project with Department of finance.


  • 1. Recruited and deployed 300 candidates in 25 working days
  • 2. Recruited 95% employees from the African countries deployed in the 14 locations in Abu Dhabi region

Furthermore, AL Sahraa Recruitment Services handling three major projects and 750 employees are working in the projects.

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