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Engineering Consultancy

Ghantoot Highway Rest Area

Project Description
Rests areas are an essential element of the complete highway system the concept is to create a place where people can rest, eat, shop and sleep along the busy road between the two major cities. They are provided for the safety and convenience of the traveling public.

Al Rowad Residential Complex

Project Description
The fast pace of population growth in Sanaa, continuously causing the need of new Residential developments to accommodate new comers. Altered Economy and changing society are major challenges for developers. Al Rowad Development will play a key role in the quest for solutions to these challenges.

Future University of Sana’a

Project Description
Future University is the home of national cultural, Education, scientific research and sporting institutions. It is a Symbol of Yemen identity committing to its campus of being a unique contemporary environment that delivers learning as a transformative experience for all people, irrespective of their origins, age and circumstance.


Project Description
The project land plot which has an area of 23,315.75 square meters is located in the center of sector Z23 of Mohammed Bin Zayed district, between the main roads E30 and E22.


Project Description
The project land plot which has an area of 25,037.58 square meters. It is well located within the center of Shakhbout neighborhood on the corner of 38 and 25 streets. It is easily accessible from the street 33, it is literally on the edge of the desert but big plans are in the works for making this another well serviced district powerful and competitor to the crowded Abu Dhabi island center.